Official: Bryan Costanich doesn’t own any chinos

Some chinos that don’t belong to Bryan Costanich

Sometimes things land in your inbox that make you hoot with laughter at the absurdity of events. Here at the last few days have been full on weird.

It all started when someone called Bryan Costanich filled in the contact form on this very website. Unlike communication requests to Chris Walker through Secret Labs or Netduino I actually replied.

To cut a long story short this is what we know:

1) Chris Walker has given/sold the IP of Secret Labs (whatever that is) and also the trademark(ish) Netduino to Wilderness Labs Inc (which this website has no connection with).
2) Bryan Costanich is the owner of Wilderness Labs Inc and has known Chris Walker to the extent that Bryan is one of the few humans (?) who has actually seen and touched mock ups of the AGENT watch. Imagine how exciting that was for him…..cough……I bet he didn’t have to pay $200 either.
3) Bryan Costanich is planning on resurrecting the Netduino brand because hey man he just wants to “make people lives better”.
4) Bryan Costanich doesn’t own any chinos.
5) He thinks I’m a “jerk”

Never one to want to disappoint expectations this website will now track the development of the Netduino brand while trying to track Chris Walker and our million bucks. So stay tuned.

What we don’t know is what has happened to the physical assets of Secret Labs / Netduino. Wilderness Labs Inc denies having any of this.

We also don’t know what Chris Walker is doing now. He is no longer connected to Secret Labs or Netduino. So where is he? Where is our dehydration unit? Has he solved the watch strap problem yet?

So many questions and so little time (well I think  I have little time – I don’t have a watch thanks to Chris Walker).

PS – All of you filling in the contact form (you know who you are) should have learnt a lesson by now. I won’t reply unless you make me laugh or pique my interest. I am doing this purely for fun. Don’t ruin it.

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