The curious case of the missing dehydrator and parts

With the IP of the Netduino brand and Secret Labs being handed/sold to Bryan Costanich of Wilderness Labs Inc it has got me wondering where the expensive Dehydrator went along with all the stock that Chris Walker bought with the money from Kickstarter. Or did he????

I asked Bryan Costanich if he had got the assets and this was his reply:

hey duder, i don’t have chris’s dehydrator. I didn’t even know he had one. i bought that dehydrator for my wife for christmas a couple years ago.

Now apart from being called “duder” like some frat boy this raised some puzzling questions:

Chris Walker Netduino mystery
The Secret Labs Dehydrator full of AGENT watch stock. Or is it?

1) Who the hell buys someone a dehydrator for his WIFE for CHRISTMAS?
2) How the hell do you wrap a dehydrator?

But away from our new friend Bryans questionable present buying it brings us back to the key question:

1) If the guy who now owns Secret Labs and Netduino doesn’t have a Dehydrator and all the bits Chris Walker said he bought in update 25 then who does?

2) Does Chris Walker still “own” the parts and the dehydrator? Does he still have all those parts stored? If so where? (okay that is more than one question but you get the gist)

I have read Update 25 again and I am not sure he actually ever HAD a dehydrator. Bryan Costanich didn’t know Chris Walker had a Dehydrator. If he had known they could have perhaps had dehydrator parties together. Whatever they are. Perhaps he didn’t have one?


This is only a theory and because Chris Walker , Secret Labs and Netduino are as communicative as a monastic monk who has been dead 200 years then this is guess work.

In update 25 Chris Walker of Netduino infamy said:

Here is a photo of the 6,000 ATTINY1634 microcontrollers we purchased*. In our dual-processor configuration, this chip is the ultra-low power secondary processor. These boxes typically come sealed with the moisture barrier bags inside. The MSL data is therefore also printed on the outer box.

Chris Walkers secret box
This could be anything in here – perhaps even a Netduino or the portal to another dimension. No one knows

He also claimed to have “high end” battery and power meter chips that cost $16,000. He also showed some “sharp memory displays” cunningly disguised as some bubble wrap.

The upshot is that we definitely got to see some stock that Chris Walker claims was purchased as part of the AGENT smart watch project and certainly NOT anything to do with him trying to flog some Netduino boards that he seemed to be spending all his development time on at the time of the update (see the forums to see what I mean).

So this brings us back to the Dehydrator.

I am wondering if he just rented space in a dehydrator like you rent space in a data rack in a data centre. He has/had lots of people he knows (they all seem to have very weird avatar photos on social media and many except for Bryan Costanich wear chinos.)

Either way Wilderness Labs Inc says they don’t have the stock or the unit. Chris Walker doesn’t appear to have a business currently that we know of. Netduino is owned by someone else. Secret Labs doesn’t exist.

So where is it all? If he was renting space in a Dehydrator have the bills stopped being paid? Is this stock technically stolen?

I think we deserve an answer but then Chris Walker is a complete and utter arse who makes Donald Trump look reputable so I guess we just need to keep guessing.

To think – IF we track this down one of YOU could buy it up cheap to give your wife for Christmas.



*According to google a ATTINY1634 microcontroller is about $4 each so $24,000. In total only $40,000 of stock is actually defined in update 25 although to be fair he also lists other stuff but not the cost or amount owned.


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