Where is Chris Walker now?

Have you seen this man? No nor have we but then neither has Chris Walkers mirror for many many years

Google is a superb tool. With it you can find whatever you’re after. Rare records, obscure and long forgotten recipes and even crap KIckstarter projects. Who knew?

However Chris Walker seems to have gone to ground. Despite some of you writing to me to suggest that Brian Costanich is in ¬†fact Chris Walker I remain to be convinced. Sure both have weird and somewhat unsettling prep school photos but Brian does have a Twitter account and bits where he actually looks a human. I’m not sure Chris is human. Plus I don’t think Brian Costanich would be seen dead in a brown cardigan. That is pretty compelling detective work isn’t it?

So where is he? Who is he? According to Google he could either be a NBA draft player, evangelical minister, school governor in Chipping Norton (UK) or a hermit that dresses in a animal print onesie and wishes to be known as “Christine the Feral”. I’m no detective but none of these seem likely apart from the last one. So where is he? He isn’t isn’t on Twitter, Linked In etc etc. Secret Labs has gone although lots of stock seems stuck in distributors warehouses. The Netduino forums are as alive and active as a badger that has been hit by a 40ft trailer and is now in two parts, 100ft apart in the central reservation of the I-95.

To help I pretended to contact Julian Assange of Wikileaks to help but he is too busy avoiding extradition and something about “national security”. Some people. Just no perspective at all.

So is Chris Walker in work? Has Chris Walker started another business or is he living in a cardboard box and turning tricks down on the corner of 5th? As much as the last one appeals I have to remember that Chris Walker is still spending the million bucks he seems to have stolen from his  Kickstarter project. Perhaps Brian and Chris are the same people after all.

Someone must know.

If you have ANY information then please contact us and we will give you an update when we can.


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